Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring is Coming - Week 2

American Goldfinch
Spring is Coming!  Week 2 of 52 Captured Moments

Location:  Mecosta, MI near Pretty Lake
Subject:  American Goldfinch Females
Spring is coming in slowly here in our neck of the woods.  Confirmed by a nesting pair of Robins in our yard.  They are sneaky little things though so I haven't gotten a post worthy photo yet.  But the woods surrounding our house are filled with all sorts of bird calls.  So pretty when you step outside.  To hear that is, this time of year is not what I would consider pretty.  The pretty snow is gone, leaves have not yet begun to bud, and since snow is rapidly melting everything is muddy.  All of which equals - brown!  Easy enough to bear since we know what is coming.

Enjoy the birds, hopefully by next week I will capture a photo of that Robin or of the Bald Eagle that I spotted nearby.  Wouldn't that be fantastic!

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  1. I like this picture very much. I'm excited for our photo shoot...oh I didn't tell you. Well sign us up for an appointment we need family pics. ;)