Monday, March 21, 2011

Waiting on Spring

So this weeks weather report really zapped all the joy of spring right out of the air.  Last week was mostly gorgeous.  This week we are rainy and more snow is in the forecast.  Boo! Hiss!

So today, to remind ourselves that yes, it IS spring, we went seed shopping for the garden.  YEAY!  Menards is having a super awesome seed sale right now and most of our seed packets were only 35 cents.  I think we got most of the items on our list but we will have to shop around I guess for some of the more unusual items.

So this is the whole pile of yumminess that we bought today.  Still missing a few things but I think we got the bulk of it.  Now I have to be patient and wait a couple of weeks before I plant them in their little greenhouse to await actual ground planting.

Salsa Section

Here is the salsa section.  Still trying to find red onion seeds because I like those much better than yellow.  But I found tomatillos!  Yeay!  Now we will just have to see how well they grow.

And we got these for their awesome color.  How cool will it be to eat a purple carrot.  Maybe I can get the kids to eat a better variety of veggies.  They all do really well with it now but I would like to increase their taste for fresh veggies.  When I was a kid we spent the summers outside and we would pull carrots right out of the ground, rinse them off with the garden hose and munch away.  And the sunflowers are for Rachel.  This pack has lots of colors.  Now we are busy planning where all of the flowers will be planted.

It is going to be a very busy spring.


  1. SO exciting! I love a garden. I can't wait to have one of my own out of this desert. I can't wait to see how your salsa section turns out. :)
    And thank you for the well wishes on our upcoming move! We are so stoked. :)

  2. I was wondering if we'd buy seeds or start with an already mature "plant" guess I don't have to wonder anymore. Hooray for fresh non-dairy food in our own backyard!

  3. You can do it either way but a whole packet of seeds is only 35 cents but if you buy individual plants in gets into the dollars per plant. We thought we would try the seed way first. I am so excited!

  4. I can't wait till I can see how sugar snap peas taste right out of the ground! The rest of it too but that's what I'm most excited for. And to see all the sunflowers grow in the front yard!