Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Treasuries = Compliments

My online shop Polka Dot Poppy is currently being featured in this soft and pretty treasury: She Scatters Kindness.  How lovely is that.  And what a great title.  These little pretties are featured there.
I love when a random stranger finds your work and likes it enough to comment on it.  I think that is the best compliment ever.  Whether it is on your favorite craft, your work, your photography, your writing, or your children, when the little bit of favorable wind blows in your direction and it happens to come from someone who feels no need to boost your ego or pop your bubble, it just feels, well, awesome!

So that is my little moment of self promotion.  I will go back to putting on my mommy hat and my hosting hat since all my beautiful sisters happen to be under one roof at the moment, and that roof happens to be mine.

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