Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Garden Update

I know, I know, enough with the garden already right!?!  Sorry, can't help it.  I am so excited that we are getting more and more veggies, not from the store but from our own garden.  It is pretty awesome to tell one of the kids:  "I need one more jalapeño, can you run out and pick me one".  Yep, pretty awesome.

So a couple of weeks ago while we were out garden Cameron was so excited to find this little guy he called me over to snap a picture of it.

Cute little baby cucumber
Yesterday, as in two weeks later, I went out and got this big ol' guy:

Probably not the same one but all of them two weeks ago were about the size as that little guy up there.  Hopefully the plants bounce back after the deer attack and we keep on getting these.  I wanted to make pickles.

Yesterday I also went out and picked all the green beans that were ready.  Whew, not a fun job really.  It started out fun but after a while as you keep looking down the row and it doesn't seem to be getting much shorter to the end, not so much fun anymore.  And the green beans were not doing so well early on so we planted two more rows of them.  Yep, two whole rows more full of green beans.  Green beans anyone?  Cause I am sure we will have plenty.  Just what I picked yesterday was two quarts full.

They sure are yummy though.  I forgot to take a picture before I started snapping off the ends.  Apologies.  Next time, or the next time, or the next time. . .  because I have a feeling by the time this summer is over I am going to be very, very tired of picking green beans.

This however, I will not ever be tired of picking:

I decided I probably better hurry and just pick all of this before it went bad or went to seed.  So delicious.  I headed out the front door pretty early and forgot that the front door opens from the inside even though it is locked.  grrrrr so frustrating.  So when I was all done and headed back to the house I had to ring the doorbell for the boys.  Jake yanked it open to complain that I should have remembered to unlock it and stopped mid word because the smell of the cilantro finally caught up to him.  He stood there sniffing loudly and said "Oh man, that smells so good it almost makes my nose hurt!"  So cute.  And I totally agree.

The tomato plants are finally getting some pretty good size tomatoes on them.  Can't wait till all of them are ripe and we can really get busy with salsa, and tomato sauce, and tomato juice, and. . . and. . . and oh yea - eat them!  Can't wait.

Beefsteak Tomatoes

And my green onions are doing OK.  Not great, I am really disappointed.  Do you know how many green onions I buy on a weekly basis?  Really, it's ridiculous.  But they are so yummy.  So, I am going to have to figure out what to do different next year.  In the meantime I think they are the most guarded row in the whole garden.

And lastely, radishes.  We have so, so many radishes.  Dad is mostly the only one who eats them.  I slice them up in salads, Cameron is starting to eat more of them and the boys from time to time will eat one. But really, what do you do with radishes.  So I googled yesterday and may try sauteying them and see how that turns out.  I picked some more of those yesterday.  This second batch is not doing nearly as good as the first batch.  They are in a different spot so maybe soil 20 feet away is not as good, who knows.  But I had to share our mutant crop with you all.

So there it is, yet another post about the garden from us here in Michigan.  We are like kids in a candy store.  You would think no one on earth ever had a garden the way we are all amazed every time we pull something out of the ground.  I just wish somehow we could send smells through this thing we call the internet.  Because really, WOW!

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