Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chalk/Bulletin Board for under $20

I have been wanting to get a chalk board for mulitple reasons.  Mostly for a chore board of sorts.  I also want a bulletin board for important notes, etc.  But me and my pickiness and my cheapness couldn't find one the right style or in the right price range.

A couple months ago as I was helping to empty the big moving truck, I picked up Rachel's mirror and the mirror fell out leaving me with just the frame.  OOPS, sorry Rach!  So I saved the frame thinking it had to have a use somewhere.

So, creativity to the rescue.  Here is the before:

Quick trip to Walmart and Joann's to buy some supplies.

What to do for push pins?  I purchased a bag of mismatched and broken jewelry from a yard sale a couple of months ago.  It had a bunch of vintage clip on earrings with no mates.  Perfect!

Add a box of push pins. . .

A little help from the hubby . . .

and voila!

Now I just have to decide which direction to hang it.  And I am loving how the push pins worked out.

I love how it came out.  Reusing some objects that would have otherwise ended up in the trash, and spending less than $20, I have a chalk board AND a bulletin board that I love.  Plus I have tons left over supplies so hmmm, what else can I chalkboard?  :o)


  1. I would hang it sideways but what do I know!
    Your Big Sis

  2. Great minds think alike. I was going to put it vertical by the back door but thought it would catch their attention better if I do it horizontal by the kitchen.

  3. Super cute!
    I love the push pins as well!

  4. great idea... i have a lot of them and didnt know what to do... thank you...