Friday, July 1, 2011

Zebra - Photo of the Week - Week 17

This edition of "Captured Moments" comes with a sad note.  Last night I broke my favorite lens.  I feel like I lost a best friend.  So sad.  Happy news is it can be replaced but GRRRR at myself for breaking the perfectly good one I had.

This little Zebra friend was at the petting zoo we visited last weekend.  He was very cute and friendly and despite the sign that read "WARNING - Zebra WILL bite", he did no such thing and let us pet him.  He even got some scritches from Reuben which he enjoyed immensly.

Week 17 of 52

Location:   Stanton, Michigan
Subject:  Zebra


  1. Sad about your lense...I am so jealous about your garden success...I also wanted to tell you how great your blog is!! love the pictures!! thanks for sharing and please tell everyone hi for us! love you all!

  2. Thanks much Mrs. New Clifton Resident :) We are loving the garden. It is so much fun. I think early next week we will be able to have a salad with all the greens coming from our garden. I will spread your "hi" around. Please do the same for us. And give your hubby a big hug from us, sounds like he needs it.