Saturday, July 16, 2011

Garden Massacre

Every day we drive around this beautiful countryside and more often than not we see deer.  Lately it has been does with their cute little spotted fawns.  We always slow down and watch them.  Dad was commenting the other night that he wondered if we would ever get sick of seeing them.  I personally don't think so.

After last night, however; Cameron's view of them may have changed slightly.  Last night Dad, Mom, Rachel, and I spent up until the wee hours of the morning at the hospital with my Grandma.  So not fun.  Cameron was home with all the kiddos and said the dogs were barking like crazy.  Today we discovered why.  Something, a.k.a. deer, went to town on the garden.  I guess they figured it was an all you care to eat buffet because that's what they did.  Sampled a little bit of everything.

Cameron's poor strawberry plants are never going to get anywhere

Cucumbers - another victim

The deer really had a hay day out there.  Thankfully most everything is doing good and most likely what they did eat will grow back.  It is just so frustrating when things are just getting going and then a setback.

Here is what we pulled out of the garden tonight.  Some of the green beans, the ones that the deer missed anyway, were ready to be pulled off.  Most of Rachel's sugar snap peas were eaten but a few were able to be salvaged.  More radishes of course and Cameron accidentally pulled up one of the red onions and a red potato.  Dad ate the potato but said it would be going too far if he ate the onion raw too.  Silly man.

Cameron inspecting some bell pepper plants

More of the garden and a sneak peak at the almost finished pole barn

And today's "something new we've never done before" moment came right after cleaning the kingdom hall.  After polishing the inside we headed out to water all the flowers.  Our KH sits on 10 acres of land, most of which is wooded.  So after all chores were finished we wandered down to the edge of the woods.  Wild raspberry bushes are growing all along the edge.  Yummy!  So we all ate our fill of super sweet little raspberries.

Pretty little flower growing in the flower beds at the KH


  1. Was Cameron too scared to investigate WHY the dogs were barking? lol Poor doggies were doing their job and no one paid attention! I guess you will have to plant some more and take turns each night doing a watch. Love Ya!

  2. LOL, well the poor little doggies bark ALL the time. I think they are still not used to creatures roaming in the night. So most of the time they are ignored except when we yell at them to be quiet. We kept vigil the next night and thought we did a good job until we discovered that next morning that they finished off what was left of the cucumbers. GRRRRRR