Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Garden Update

Busy time is about to begin.  We finally finished with the mountains of strawberries, only to hear Dad say - let's go buy two more flats.  Sheesh!  But I found new recipes for jam so some will be put to yummy use and the rest will be - yep, you guessed it - frozen.

The garden is doing great.  Everything is coming up nicely.  It's so nice to go out there and see new little sprouts of this and that.  I can't wait until we can pick more of it.

Little Lady C checking things out.  The empty row there is where all the radishes have already been harvested.  We have another row coming up off to the left near the back and may plant another row here pretty soon.

Corn and potatoes.  Garlic is also growing way off to the right over there along with a few sunflowers.

The potatoes are starting to flower.  Good sign.  This is when they really start to plump up.  Waiting is so hard.  These are the russet potatoes.  The red potatoes should get a pinkish flower.

The tomatillos are doing great.  We have lots and lots of these little buggers popping out everywhere.  The jalapeño's are also doing great.  We have already gotten 5 or 6 spicy little guys off of them and promptly diced them into some salsa.  YUM!  Can't wait 'till the entire bowl of salsa is from our own garden.

And this little basket of loveliness is from the garden and went into our salad tonight.  From left to right it is baby spinach, in the back is buttercrunch lettuce, red leaf lettuce, and finally cilantro.  The cilantro was heavenly.  Cilantro is A. and I's most favorite thing.  When we buy it at the store we smell just about every cluster until we find the one that smells the best.  Not one in all these years has smelled as good as the bunches that we took out of the garden today.  The entire kitchen smelled like cilantro.  Yummy!  We chopped some up into the salad because we couldn't wait to have some.  Definitely puts a different taste in the salad.  So delicious.

Can't wait to harvest the whole garden! 


  1. Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun!
    Your AZ family

  2. We are but wishing you were here too!