Saturday, July 30, 2011

Photo of the Week - Week 21 - Garden Visitor

Week 21 of 52

Location:  Mecosta, MI
Subject:  Frog

We found this little guy while we were out weeding and picking.  At first he was a little skittish but then he let J. pick him up and hold him for a minute.  Grandpa kept teasing him that he was going to get warts for touching a frog.

We also saw a tiny little green one on a giant leaf at the back of the garden but he hopped away before I could snap a shot.  The upside to that is upon spreading the leaves apart to see if we could find him, we found . . . duhn, duhn, duhn a grapevine!  Wooo hooo!  And raspberry bushes!  I guess I should head to the back of the garden more often.

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