Monday, July 18, 2011


"Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby."    - Langston Hughes

Finally today it rained.  It's funny how you can come from a place where it hardly ever rained and you think, if it would only rain.  Then we move here and for a little while it rained every day or every other day and I would think - please can we go at least two or three days with no rain.  Then it doesn't rain for a couple of weeks and then I start to think, come on already, I miss the rain!  Fickle we humans are, fickle!

So today, it rained!  It actually started last night.  I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of thunder.  It is always greeted with mixed reactions.  I love the sound of a good thunderstorm and I always think I am going to lay here and listen to it all night.  But mostly it lulls me to sleep and I wake up feeling disappointed that I missed it.

But everything outside is happy that it rained.  The garden is happy, the little singing birds are happy, the kids are happy because it cooled things off, and I am happy because I got to watch the rain for a little while.  We are camping this weekend and guess what the forecast is for this weekend.  Yep, rain!  So now my fickle little self is hoping it rains but not too much because rain and camping are not a good mix, generally speaking.

Other than the rain, not much happening around here.  This weekend was sort of blah, with people not feeling well, and it was hot.  Yes I have given up saying it is just warm - it was really hot this weekend.  It must have been hot because my little teenager actually went fishing with her Dad.  Something she said she would never do.

And she actually caught fish so she was very happy.  But firmly announced that she would NOT be helping to clean or fillet the fish, so there!  Then she marched into the house without further argument.  Cameron was just happy that she finally went fishing with him so he had no complaints.

Tonight I get to go pick up my bike.  It finally arrived.  So happy to finally have a bike I can ride.  One that is mine and I don't have to adjust the seat so it fits me.  One with a nice seat and not one of those crazy ones that Cameron keeps telling me my "rear" will get used to.  No thanks, give me a big ol' seat that is filled with gel and I am a happy girl.  My "rear" is not getting used to anything that I think may have originally been designed as a torture device!


  1. You're so right about us being fickle. I used to love the rain, until I moved somewhere where it rains most of the year. Now I get so upset at the darn rain!
    I don't blame your daughter for not wanting to clean the fish! :0)

  2. What lens are you using for your flower/insect/leaf pics?

  3. We were threatened with thunder/lightening last night and sadly no rain worth mentioning! Mansoon season and no rain in Florence! Sad.

  4. The leaf picture here is just my 28-80 lens. The other macro pictures are from the lens that I broke and am patiently awaiting replacement. It was a Nikon AF-S 18-55 with a macro attachment.