Thursday, July 28, 2011

Whew! What a Weekend!

Such a busy, great weekend that it has taken me all the way to Thursday to recuperate and have a few minutes to sit down and chat with you.

The camping was great.  We were camping for our convention.  The boys were dissapointed that it wasn't out in the middle of the forest somewhere, but there was a pool so I guess that was compensation enough for them.  I love camping.  Camping in a pop-up for the convention though, hmmm, it wasn't horrible and I would do it again, but my plea for a regular camper has now made its point.  Yeah!  We camped with 4 other families from our congregation and the rest of the camp was full of brothers and sisters from all over Michigan.  Saturday some of us sat around the campfire and studied our Watchtowers together.

There are my cute kiddos along with a couple of their cousins.  The convention was awesome as always.

When we got home we had to get to work on the garden.  Amazing what happens when you aren't here to tend to it for 4 or 5 days.  The weeds went crazy mad and the deer, of course, ate more things, and the stupid potato bugs went haywire.

hard at work

J.'s job was to try and get as many of those potato bugs and eggs and larvae off of the potato plants as he could.  They stripped down like three or four plants while we were away.  GRRRRR

The enemy!  They are pretty cool looking though.
He was pretty happy he finally got a tomato off his grape tomato plant that is just for him.
Showing off what they were picking.
And as always we had some flying visitors.

We also had a very pretty little butterfly but she refused to be still so I could snap a photo.

Busy time never seems to end around here.  But I must be off.  I am being dragged to a Taylor Swift concert tonight.  The girls are all so excited.  They have been planning for weeks.  They each have little binders and notebooks filled with lists of every little thing imaginable that they need to do to prepare for the concert.  So cute.


  1. Give everyone of those cute kiddos a kiss for me! Especially Cohen's chubby cheeks! I miss everyone sooooo much!

  2. I will! I miss you too big sis!